SALESWAH CRM: CRM Software for Sales, Field Service and Supply Management

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 28 December 2016, 12:11 IST

The global market for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software market is projected to reach US$48.4 billion by 2020. The Indian market can be as big as a 5B by 2020. Opportunities available for Indian players are about 25 percent of this. But, that segment will grow. Also, as they mature, the Indian IT companies will start winning more business abroad.

Major focus of CRM systems in India is in managing transactions. So, SFA (Sales force Automation) is the first on people’s mind. They want to see something what is tangible. The market is large and virtually untapped to the extent of 90 percent. Virtually anyone who has a dispersed sales team needs some flavor of this.

The other major focus is managing field service. This market is potentially huge. Anyone who needs to send out people to manage (install, repair) dispersed assets needs to automate the process of logging tickets, assignment and closure.

For both the above, India is going to be helped by a significant technology trend- mobile users outnumber desktop computer users by miles.

In the coming days, the CRM segment will really come into its own distinct from ERP. The number of customers wanting to invest in sales, service and supply chain productivity improvement in various ways will explode. There will be more vertical focus and demands to integrate with back-end systems (Tally, Busy etc).

Anwesha, one of the leading CRM software solution providers, has a flagship product Saleswah is among the handful of CRM systems worldwide that have comprehensive apps on multiple platforms – including on Android and Windows- desktop and phone.

“Do note that the market for enterprise software will be increasingly global. There will be localization plays- driven by language, local tax structures, documentation etc. But, increasingly the success on local front will propel you globally,” says Anindya Chatterjee, CEO of 
Anwesha CRM.

Both field service management and transactional sales processes can benefit from large scale adoption of mobile based workforce deployment, tracking and management. Efficiencies and effectiveness each get a point. “We have carefully positioned our offerings in alignment with the markets that offer the most growth currently in India,” reveals Anindya Chatterjee, CEO, Anwesha.

360 degree management of sales and distribution
Anwesha offers Sales Supply Management software that allows one to perform market mapping, market planning and visit scheduling and tracking by the sales reps. When used with the (optional) distribution management product, it enables a 360 degree analysis of order versus supply. “The fact that we manage both demand and supply and are able to show correlation between the two sides makes us unique”, opines Anindya Chatterjee.

Visit management
Visit management is a hot area for Saleswah CRM. Large teams of sales people, repeat calling outlets or customers in large dispersed locations- on a visit plan can use this to plan and schedule and track their visits. They can hand out samples, conduct surveys- all from their mobile phone.

Enterprise sales and marketing
Saleswah CRM helps manage your business relationships- in the enterprise B2B sales and service. The virtues of data security, need based and hierarchical sharing, team collaboration and territory management have been in this software from the very beginning. Saleswah manages the entire process of lead generation, recognition, assignment, nurturing and close for individual sales processes. It helps schedule and track activities and establishes the connection between the activities and sales wins.

Imagine your receptionist gets a lead, she passes it on to the appropriate sales person. She nurtures the lead- follows up, sends proposals and so on. Not only can she send most of these out of the CRM itself, the CRM tracks all activities and maintains a history. When she closes the deal, it goes to order processing and when they ship, your after sales service team is ready to take over. Saleswah for service- either standalone or together with the sales CRM completes the 360 degree management of pre-sales to post sales activities for an enterprise. It allows warranty and service contract driven field service management.

“This 360 degree approach helps our customers manage the customer relationships at a deeper and long term level- which is what enterprise business relationship management is all about,” says Anindya.

Enterprise class service CRM
Imagine an installed base running into tens of thousands of large complex engineering equipment. Imagine contractual obligations which levy strict penalties for delays in resolving complaints. Imagine a complex service team of employees and outsourced partners running into hundreds. Saleswah for service manages such scenarios.

When inquired about the future of CRM software, Anindya Chatterjee signs off saying, “This segment will grow faster than the general enterprise software market and almost all of it will be in SAAS- cloud and mobile based. There will be huge scope of collaboration among the CRM players and other software vendors in parallel space like analytics, chat, webcasting, mailing, texting.”  


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