SOFFRONT CRM: Accomplishing Easy Workflow with Integrated Sales, Marketing and Service Automated Solutions

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 28 December 2016, 12:16 IST

A number of organizations do not see the importance or the value of providing employees in the sales and customer support, the type of tools required to deliver a personalized and successful result.

But the ‘Age of the Customer’ is upon us. Customer Relationship Management is the next big thing helping us to manage our data and business relationships, including those between various departments.

So we begin the gradual unearthing of the benefits of CRM but we have only scratched the surface. There are still quite a few hurdles that we have to get over.

Many CRMs provide tools to streamline an organization but most of them are built with interfaces that seem perceptive only to a programmer. That coupled with the fact that most CRM systems offer run-of-the-mill level of customization, poor adoption, and lack of tools to automate the business process.

Another major challenge is siloed data and lack of visibility between different departments. For example, in most companies, marketing uses a marketing automation system and sales and service uses a separate CRM system thus preventing easy and real time flow of information from the marketing to the sales department and vice versa. This leads to reduced visibility and cooperation between the departments, duplicate work for the sales, loss of important information, poor quality of leads, and inaccurate reporting and ROI analysis.

Founded in 1992 by Manu Das, Soffront combines sales, marketing, customer service, and project management into an integrated automated solution. This way, the different departments use the same database with automated workflows seamlessly transferring data and connecting various departments. The company’s CRM system goes beyond the standard adding/customizing fields, defining templates and dashboards. They propose advanced features like creating brand new database tables, dropping tables, fields and establishing many to many relations among tables/objects, without having to write a single line of script or code, simply from the user interface.

Soffront’s core functionality includes powerful sales, marketing, service, and project automation via their products, Online CRM and On-premise CRM. On-premise CRM offers an architecture that is unique to Soffront and was designed to be extremely flexible from the day one. This unique architecture gives customers the ability to add/remove database tables, create many relations from the user interface, and design the layout of the input forms by dragging the fields or by adding and removing fields from the table. Also, the reporting tool and view screen has the ability to pull information from multiple tables.

Sales Automation provides an inventory of features. It offers review rank of each lead and all past marketing communications, defines unique sales process and automatically guides the sales team to the shortest path to convert leads, defines multiple sales processes based on lead characteristics. It also helps to automate task creation and reminders in each stage of the sales process, forecast sales pipeline, follow automatically generated smart to-do lists every morning, define accurate relationships between different types of contacts, send quotations and generate useful reports.

Soffront’s Customer Service Automation offers support from multiple channels using the customer’s website, email, phone, and chat, provides a 24×7 self-service a customer portal to the customers, provides knowledge base about one’s products and services, defines and follows a support process that works, generate useful reports etc.

Diefendorf Capital vouch for Soffront, testifying to an increase in their revenue by 300%, increase in productivity, escalated processes without increasing the size of their organization and more, after implementing Soffront CRM.

Soffront plunges head-on into the future to maintain their progress chart. “We have an exciting roadmap ahead that includes deeper automation between marketing, sales and support, better engagement for customers, predictive analysis and scoring for marketing, support of multiple channels for marketing and service, and a better mobile experience” signs off Manu Das, President and CEO, Soffront.

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