CRM Masters Infotech: Improved Customer Satisfaction at an Economical Cost

Vishal Agarwal, CEO

CRM technology is being seamlessly integrated within businesses in order to organize and automate every facet of the customer interaction. Retaining existing customers, acquiring new customers and expanding business is paramount. The CRM market is expanding and according to recent research reports is fore casted to touch north of 80 million dollars by 2025. Some of the key factors propelling this growth are companies who want access to customer data in real time, with mobile and cloud solutions leading the way.

However, SMBs restrict them selves from leveraging CRM software to avail these benefits as there is the perception that utilising such solutions means expensive infrastructure and complex technicalities that adds to the expense of the software’s massive price tag. Moreover, clients lack an indepth understanding of CRM software. Catering to this niche space is Haryana headquartered CRM Masters Infotech with its robust and affordable cloud based CRM implementation services. The company is recognized for its end-to-end CRM implementation, configuration, customization, maintenance and integrations across a gamut of industries like real estate, renewable energy, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance and pension, education and print and media. “Most of our customers are MSME who cannot afford to buy enterprise class CRM applications. To add value to such companies, we provide them with solutions which fit their
budget and at the same time meet their needs,”adds Vishal Agarwal,CEO,CRM Masters Infotech.

While in-house teams of several businesses lack the know how of CRM software, CRM Masters Infotech comes to the aid by helping them overcome this deficiency and take full benefit of the applications, the team of experts conduct intensive counselling and training sessions. The team follows a very process oriented delivery and consultation with agile and SDLC methodology based on project requirements. Additionally, the company facilitates businesses with on-demand maintenance services with no minimum monthly commitment.

"To add value to MSMEs, we provide them with solutions which fi t their budget and at the same time meet their needs"

Founded in 2016, the company has catered to a broad range of renowned clientele serviced by a team of professionals. The team possesses expertise and certification in multiple out-of-box CRMs like Zoho, Salesforce, vTiger and custom CRM clubbed with strong technical skills like PHP, Java, .Net and Python. Vishal gives us a brief about the cus- tom CRM offering, “The ability to quickly and easily automate specific tasks, processes, and workflows is another advantage a business-built CRM has over a packaged one. Not only is a custom-built solution significantly cheaper than an out- of-the-box option, it’s also much more flexible.”

Being a recent entrant in the market, CRM Masters Infotech has already gained quite the traction owing to the right blend of technology and industry-rich expertise. The company boasts of over 500 years of combined experience from its pool of 40 plus software professionals having each an average experience of more than eight years in the domain. Perfectly poised in this market, the team is currently working on a Real Estate CRM software that is scheduled for launch in 2019. Some of the other areas that the company plans to dabble into and develop products include, Healthcare (HCRM), Automobile,Travel and Salesforce AppExchange Application development.