InfoNoble: Providing Single Window Omni-Channel CRM Solution

Ashish VD Thapliyal, Director

Successful CRM implementation is of paramount importance for any organization, given the need for delivering utmost customer satisfaction in the competitive landscape. As customer demands are evolving, delivering them bestexperience requires applying broader perspective to customer relationship management. Businesses require a product, which could provide solution taking businesses to the next stage of evolution of customer relationship. Moving beyond multichannel, there is a need for Omni-channel relationship with customers. Providing businesses with technological solution to achieve this, InfoNoble is providing Omni-channel CRM product called Noble CRM. Noble CRM acts as a single window Omni-channel operation supporting voice, email, chatbot and social media, which has a seamless two way API integration to deal with high volume of customer request. It enables broader, updated and real-time solution to businesses.

Adding more productivity in an organization, the productenables the delivery of a highly personalized deployment cycle suitable for different processes of customer relationship management. The product brings agility, enabling users to focus on the deployment and process engineering rather than worrying about any risk involved.

Customizable Product to Suit the Needs of Businesses
From among the multiple CRM products available getting the one to perfectly support the needs based on customer- demands, projects and campaigns is difficult. Businesses do not want to reengineer their workflow
as per the available CRM rather they want a customizable product, which can be a complete repository of all the organizational needs pertaining to effective management of customer relationship. The NobleCRM supports these needs of an organization, helping the leadership get easy access to metrics and insights for campaigns and customer support services.

"The product brings agility, enabling users to focus on the deployment and process engineering rather than worrying about any risk involved"

Information and Metrics for Marketing and Sales
Businesses also expect a CRM system to derive from and deliver required information to sales and marketing departments, collecting robust and deeper insight on their entire processes. NobleCRM provides seamless data access to the sales, marketing and customer support team. The data presentation is easy to understand through self designable dashboards, pivot charts and scheduled reports, ensuring that end-users of the NobleCRM get pin pointed report with specific metrics they are interested in. Delivering specialized views and feature set as required by each team, the product helps track the complete life cycle of the customers.

The product, NobleCRM also facilitates cross department communication breaking down the silos where one department can refer or consult another department for better information flow and coordination. The product is easy to learn and get seamlessly adopted into the organization’s workforce. It also minimizes on-site data and sys terms management by providing flexibility of on premises or on cloud deployment as per the customer’s preferences.

Customer First Culture
The Customer First culture at InfoNoble sets it apart from the other vendors. InfoNoble is able to on- board customers such as Suzuki Motorcycles, Burda International, Jaypee Group, Quest Diagnostics and Hartron Communications in the small span of its existence. As per the testimonial by one of its clients Suzuki Motorcycles, the NobleCRM helped them increase pipe line, sales productivity, sales win rate and the forecast accuracy. Also, the product is said to improve the client’s customer satisfaction, providing increased visibility and control.