SalesFokuz: Delivering an Inclusive Sales CRM Suite for Effective Field Force Management

Manodh Mohan, Managing Director

For any organization today, the key to success lies in optimizing the productivity of their workforce as this directly impacts their customer relationships and revenues. In a bid to achieve this, more and more businesses are turning to Field Force Automation(FFA), particularly for the sales force, to not only gain more transparency across sales operations but to also shorten sales cycles, improve salesperson productivity, customer relations and thereby enhance the overall profitability of the business. However, despite the various benefits offered by this technology, implementing it is no easy task as enterprises are often faced with challenges surrounding system integration and training, unstructured master data, resistance from managers and executives, and tedious post-implementation monitoring. Perfectly understanding these challenges and endeavoring to address them,Cochin headquartered Sales-Fokuz steps forward with its own Sales CRM software, to equip sales teams across the globe with effective field force management.

Incepted in 2015, SalesFokuz was founded with a mission to assist sales teams in performing tedious and repetitive manual tasks on a day-to-day basis. As an answer to these struggles and the various other management and communication issues faced by data-driven sales teams globally, the company developed its comprehensive and compact field force management software, to help sales managers list, perform and update all their marketing activities on the go.
“The main motto behind SalesFokuz’s entry into the CRM industry is to support all the sales teams with a simple, seamlessly interpretable and usable sales tool that can address all the challenges faced by the sales and marketing departments today,” explains Manodh Mohan, Founder & Managing Director & Anoop G, Director, SalesFokuz. “With the advancement of technology, we keep scaling up our pioneer sales tool to address every single query corresponding to sales and marketing,” he adds. The company’s expansive portfolio of Sales CRM products includes LeadFokuz, RealFokuz, FastFokuz, and FactFokuz designed for diverse industries such as Real Estate, Hospitals, Construction, Investment, Manufacturing and Distribution.

In order to help businesses organize their sales force more effectively and accelerate sales processes, SalesFokuz’s customer centric CRM tool has been designed to engage with customers throughout the entire lifecycle, i.e. pre-sales, sales and retention. With ‘Track, Connect & Automate’ being its key features, this platform helps its users to live track their field sales teams in real-time, instantly access data through a centralized database, update crucial information in the database and track leads with automated follow-ups. Moreover, the company also equips businesses with comprehensive details of the leads and real-time lead tracking and distribution with LeadFokuz. Another one of the company’s key offerings is FactFokuz which facilitates manufacturers with complete access over the dealer network, to seamlessly collect and analyze all information, and thereby measure performances and identify gaps. Further, the product FastFokuz, assist FMCG businesses with dense distributor network to streamline and stabilize primary and secondary targets and to ensure perfect running network. SalesFokuz also assists the real estate domain with RealFokuz, a platform that extends full control to these businesses over all real-estate activities.

Having optimized field force management across a number of industry verticals, SalesFokuz has carved a niche for itself in the CRM arena. Moving forward, the company is en route to launching its fifth product DentFokuz, to support CRM and marketing activities in the field of dentistry. SalesFokuz also intends to invest in DevOps to enhance the operational and delivery speed of its applications, in the upcoming future.