MAssistCRM by Inn-think Technologies: Enabling Greater Customer Experience with Leading-edge CRM

CIO Vendor Customer Relationship Management has become an indispensible tool of success in any organization as it helps connect to its new age, better informed consumers on a personal level while accessing knowledgeable market insights, conducting intelligent data analysis and enhancing business processes. Additionally, the successful implementation of CRM helps businesses automate and streamline sales processes, marketing campaigns, business analytics and customer data. Efficiently using and maintaining a CRM solution is one of the core aspects of ensuring a scalable marketing and sales system. However, the Indian market is still in its nascent stage in terms of a achieving a successful CRM implementation. Users find most solutions available complex and hard to understand and use effectively, thus unable to address the various pain-points across the organization and achieve its set business goals.

Perfectly poised in the Indian market is Noida headquartered Inn-think Technologies with its robust and customizable MAssist CRM product. “We believe that the basic concept of marketing remains the same, but still, every organization and the work culture’s are different. Therefore, MAssist can be completely customized to suit any working style and needs without bearing any cost for any such customization,” informs Nishita Bhartri, CoFounder & CEO, Inn-think Technologies, who after doing her post graduation from Leeds University, worked extensively in the CRM implementation in the U.K & India & felt the gap, which she believed could be fulfilled by an effective technological product.

Offering an End-to-end CRM Solution
Once the customer is onboard, the team of experts at Innthink Technologies work with the organization to understand its needs and pain-points. The team then proceeds to implement a strategy that permits
businesses to seamlessly manage their relationship with the customers, primarily through the window of their Marketing/Sales & Support departments. The CRM product helps businesses focus on their customer retention and boost their sales rate. Empowering the workforce within the organization, MAssist not only streamlines work processes but also works as an assistant in the hands of every individual in the organization. In fact, the company provides training and dedicated support extended upto the lowest level of hierarchy chain, irrespective of the location of the business. “MAssist is the only solution that does not charge for it support and moreover we give written blanket commitment where there will never be any additional charges for any kind of customisations/reports and formats,” reveals Nishita.

MAssist is the first solution in the country which works seamlessly and tracks location even without DATA and GPS

She goes on to tell us how MAssist covers three different verticals of marketing which are Lead management for NBFC & other banking financial institutions, Classic for B2B sales and Mobile CRM used as ‘SALES FORCE AUTOMATION’ for the FMCG & manufacturing sector used by the field professionals who work in the aftermarket and generate sales by visiting a number of retailers every day. Nishita adds, “MAssist is the first solution in the country which works seamlessly and tracks location even without DATA and GPS and the team is currently working on a similar solution for keypad phones as well, which is also an industry first.” To further add the missing piece in the puzzle MAssist has also launched a very advanced and integrated Distributor Management System (DMS) to build a 360 degree connected platform.

Having carved a niche for itself in this domain in the Indian market, Inn-think Technologies envisions continuing to leverage its cutting-edge CRM product to its fullest potential.