Chamunda Tech-Net Services: Elevating Organizational Performance with an Inclusive Factory of CRM Services

CIO Vendor Customer Relationship Management is now a top-priority for organizations and is being sought after not only to solidify relations with customers but to also cut down costs and enhance the productivity and profitability of the business. However, despite the ability of CRM to integrate routine and administrative tasks and effectuate automation of sales and marketing processes, the implementation of this software presents significant challenges in the form of heavy costs,choosing the right implementation partner, lack of coordination between the businesses and the vendors, and the need for end-user training for effective implementation. Stepping forward to address these challenges, Mumbai headquartered Chamunda Tech-Net Services (CTNS) headed by Bhargav L Pandya endeavors to create a substantial impact in this domain with a comprehensive CRM framework to manage multiple business functions within an organization.

Since its inception in 2005, CNTS has been catering to IT services and solutions that are extensively focused on Networking, Servers, Securities, Surveillance, Messaging, Video Conferencing, Voice Solutions (VOIP) and Application Development. The company’s flagship CRM platform- C-Venture has been exclusively tailored to address the pain points of customers in the SME segment with a complete Sales Enquiry Management, Purchase Management and Support Management system. Recognizing that carrying out various CRM tasks such as Enquiry Management, Analyzing and grouping of customers by their purchase, addressing customers’ service requests and ensuring process tracking, purchase assistance and credit control are all critical for an entrepreneur, C-Venture equips every user with tools that precisely address these pain points. “The simplicity offered by C-Venture provides customers with the right information and the tools to reach out to more customers while maintaining a positive balance,” affirms Sameer Khadkikar,Director, CTNS.
With an objective to address the unique requirements of every customer, C-Venture incorporates functionalities for Enquiry Management, Sales & Purchase Management, Support management and Customer & Vendor portals. The Enquiry Management System of C-Venture serves as a comprehensive tool to generate and track sales leads, track communication, generate sales order as well as define individual sales executive targets to be achieved. Besides allowing Sales Executives to generate reports in weekly, monthly and yearly formats, C-venture also enables SEs with the relevant data to obtain information on customers, their buying patterns and product affiliations while also analyzing the entire sales activity with respect to every customer. In addition to Sales Management, C-Venture also caters to a support management system that captures a wide range of IT Support services along with a Customer portal to enable organizations to communicate with their customers for any support activity. In addition to CRM, CTNS also delivers a Corporate Help Desk Solution C-DESK, which provides organizations an Intranet platform to raise and track Internal Service Requests.

Bhargav L Pandya,Director

With over a decade of expertise as an IT solutions provider, CTNS has carved a niche for itself through catering to a diverse clientele across multiple industry verticals. The company's C-Venture and C-DESK platforms have been widely utilized and appreciated by its clients for their ability to elevate departmental and organizational performance. Leveraging this position, CTNS hopes to bring more futuristic and business-specific solutions to disrupt the CRM space in the years to come.