Nippon Data Systems: Automating Crucial Business Functions with a Comprehensive CRM Platform

CIO Vendor The importance of CRM for modern business continues to rise. Presently, organizations rely on CRM solutions to attain a holistic view of their business, access vital customer information anytime and anywhere, and increase their overall customer retention and revenues. However, despite its ability to help organizations build more lasting customer relationships and gain a competitive edge, the implementation of CRM strategies is often plagued by challenges related to finding the right CRM partner, defining processes and clear objectives, appointing a core CRM team, and effectively managing the application. Furthermore, with user adoption being the key to the success of any CRM program, organizations are faced with the need to design training programs in order to equip their end-users with a good understanding of the system and how to effectively use them. Understanding these challenges and requirements, Noida headquartered Nippon Data Systems Ltd. endeavors to automate all the financial and non-financial needs of businesses with its comprehensive CRM Software framework.

Incepted in 1994, Nippon Data Systems (NDS) was established with an objective to provide Business Software solutions and IT Consulting to its customers and serve as a one-stop shop for all their IT requirements. The company’s expansive portfolio of offerings includes solutions for ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, PLM, Human Capital & Financial Management, Enterprise Performance and Asset Management, Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and BI services. Nippon’s ERP software- Newton ERP, stands as the company’s flagship product that caters to the information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments and integrates every part of the business under one roof. The extensive expertise achieved through delivering ERP software has helped the company gain an in-depth understanding of its customer’s expectations and succeed in the CRM market as well.“Being an ERP company, Nippon Data Systems understands its customers’ needs from a much larger
perspective which has endowed us with a distinct competitive advantage,” affirms Harish Saraf, CEO,Nippon Data Systems. “Our CRM product, therefore, has an in-built intelligence and has been largely accepted in the CRM space with many references of high customer satisfaction,” he goes on to add.

Our CRM product has an in-built intelligence and has been largely accepted in the CRM space

With an objective to cater to the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises, Nippon’s CRM- Newton CRM has a wide range of functionalities and modules to manage and automate crucial business functions, sales, and sales-related administrative functions. With in-built analytics and strong reporting capabilities at operations, controlling and senior management levels, Newton CRM has been designed to improve sales processes, track sales opportunities, perform sales forecasting and improve and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Being quite intuitive, the Newton CRM with its short learning curve serves to be more user-friendly and ensures an easier operation of the application for the general workforce. Furthermore, this CRM platform is also distinguished for its ability to address customer’s specific needs and seamlessly integrate with other applications of its users. “The CRM product we offer is really a matured and proven one with in-built analytics. It has strong reporting capabilities at operations level, controlling level and senior management levels in terms of MIS. The percentage increase in retaining the old customers as well as adding new ones was much higher for our customers after implementation of Newton CRM” adds Harish.

Having operated in this segment for over two decades, Nippon Data Systems has grown to be a trusted ITsolutions provider in the country. The company hopes to leverage this expertise to incorporate new functionalities into its CRM to address client specific requirements and bring more vertical-specific CRM products in the upcoming future.