Salesmate: All-in-one CRM Software for Ameliorated Sales Management

CIO Vendor Clinging on cumbersome spreadsheets and spending precious productive hours to input and monitor data manually along with significant sales activities,can be extremely tiresome for sales people. In order to save their valuable time to become more productive, they need an all-in-one intuitive sales CRM software with added features like workflow automation, enriched customer data, quick views and integrated call logging etc. Imagine how supportive it would be to sales managers and companies, if such intuitive software brings out visualized and actionable sales intelligence reports regarding pipeline conversion, overall team effort and details of each deal. As sales space abounds with technology giants, Samir Motwani,Founder & CEO of Ahmedabad headquartered RapidOps Solutions Pvt Ltd, perceived the necessity of a simple, straightforward, and budget-friendly intelligent sales CRM software with essential features to bolster companies that started-out recently or are operating on limited budget. During 2015-16, his team made their mark in sales CRM arena by launching Salesmate, a sales intelligence software, which aids sales representatives to accelerate sales productivity and engage deeply with customers. It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that seek CRM software for boosting their sales with minimal but essential features. It reinforces industries like retail,sales, event management, media & advertisements, and more.

Salesmate offers advanced workflows that help users automate their daily tasks and activities and concentrate on core sales activities. According to Samir Motwani,"The dashboard and pipeline views in Salesmate helps salespersons check the status of their deals and contacts on a single page. The data in Salesmate is visualized in an insightful format to help sales people and companies understand the
current position of deals or contacts in the sales pipeline.Salesmate enables companies to recognize efforts made by salespersons individually to close a deal and achieve sales target.

Salesmate is a sales intelligence software which aids sales representatives to accelerate sales productivity and engage deeply with customers

Salesmate allows users to attain all details related to contacts from single page. All interactions between a team member and a client, be it a call or an email, get recorded and stored in contacts timeline. Besides that,its two way email synchronization feature helps users set up their email platform that they frequently use for daily business communication.

Another appealing feature of Salesmate,is Email Tracking which helps users know how customers are responding to their communications."With Email Tracking, Salesmate helps in nurturing relationship between you and your client in more than one way. It bolsters users to get contacts'360-degree view and their psyche," shares Samir Motwani.

Integrated with Google, Salesmate facilitates easy contact import from any source at any time without much hassle. Furthermore, geolocation feature offered by Salesmate mobile app for both Android in Google maps and iOS in Apple maps, helps representatives identify contacts that are within 100-mile radius of their current location. It enables them to not only ensure location, but also fix their meeting for next time forthwith, if client postpones their meeting.

While endeavoring to make Salesmate more user friendly,the company also plans to develop a marketing intelligence tool soon.